Basement floor insulation system

The basement floor insulation system ThermoSmart consists of a cork-like wood fiber board laminated to an insulating panel of high density polystyrene.

basement floor insulation

The multiple
advantages of the system


15.5 in. x 47.5 in. x 1 in.

Surface area

5.13 sq. ft. per panel

Installation is 25% faster than other types of subfloor and significantly reduces the number of joints.

Surface rainurée

Quadrilateral Pattern Surface

Permits the air to flow freely, allowing the concrete to breathe.

Polystyrène expansé

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

In addition to providing an insulative value(R3), EPS is produced with vapour, therefore emits no off-gases.

Joint iLock

iLock Joint

A unique sealing system of double tongue and groove prevents moisture from affecting the wood.

Rainures Flex-Groove


The two grooves provides flexibility to the panel, in order to adapt to the unevenness of the concrete slab.

Insulfloor vs traditional subfloors

The embodiment of a subfloor made of traditional wood in a basement is still
likely to cause moisture due to condensation from the ambient air, by water infiltration from the foundation, by a plumbing leak or direct contact with a slab of wet concrete.

To prevent mold growth, it is essential to install insulation above or below the concrete slab.  In new construction it is now mandatory to install insulation under the slab, but in the case of a renovation, we must install on top of the concrete slab. The ThermoSmart panels are perfect for creating a wood subfloor resistant to moisture and on which one can nail a wood floor or place a floating floor.

Efficacit� �nerg�tique

Energy efficiency

This system has the advantage of eliminating a large portion of the moisture from the concrete slab. The basement becomes drier and more comfortable in summer and in winter. In addition to removing humidity, the panel provides insulation of R -3 on the entire surface, without a thermal bridge, preventing the concrete to transmit the cold floor.

� toute �preuve


Polystyrene is also provided with drainage grooves. Thus if there is water leakage from the foundation wall, this water should be drain under the panel to the floor drain. Type II expanded polystyrene is waterproof and does not rot. It has a compressive strength of 15lbs/ (2200 lbs / sq,) and is an inflated using vapor so it does not contain CFC’S or HCFC’S. The panels feature a unique tongue and groove sealed system, which eliminates cold leaks in joints.

Practicals Ways

The ThermoSmart panels are ’’versatile’’ as they can be installed in different ways.

Fixed Installation

Installation fixe


Hardwood floor

If you opt for ceramic or hardwood floor, you must glue the ThermoSmart to the concrete floor (PL Premium from Lepage). Install a layer of plywood on top of the ThermoSmart to ensure sufficient rigidity before installing your floor.

Floating Installation

Installation Flottante

Floating floor


If you opt for a floating floor or carpet, or just choose to varnish the ThermoSmart, all you have to do is glue the thermoSmart at the joints.

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